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Around the World: Safari

Around the World: Safari is the first in a workshop series designed by Catacoustics Music to educate children about the world around them. During the all-day workshop, we worked with 21 young people, educating them about the natural world and the animal kingdom. They participated in several different art forms throughout the day such as learning a new song (Music), creating habitat scenes (Drama) and creating masks for the final performance of the day (Arts and Crafts).


We started the day with some drama activities which got them active and moving around the room. They worked individually and in groups to act as many different animals exploring the natural relationships between different animals.

After we had finished acting as different animals, we moved on to arts and crafts, during which the children created and decorated several masks. At the end of the day they all were able to take all their creations home.


After a well earned lunch break, the children then learned a new song written especially for this workshop. All the children worked extra hard and many of them even managed to do it from memory during the final performance to their parents.

Using all of the new knowledge they had learned over the day alongside their masks, they performed an amazing performance showcase to their parents highlighting many different animals and habitats.

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